We witness everyday how meaningful our work is to all those students, young and not so young, who rely on us to help them achieve their goals.

That’s why our school is a hub of energy, enthusiasm and experience. We all love what we do and we know we do it best.

Our founding values of Cooperation, Respect, Excellence and Service are tangible everyday in our offices and in our classrooms, by the way we greet our students to the way we exchange ideas with our teachers.

We are inclusive, we nurture diversity and natural growing. Our teachers come from all walks of life and cultures….and so do our students. That’s why we acknowledge that everyone is gifted and anyone can learn.

We are innovative, we approach our work with a spirit of entrepreneurship. Our external partners work alongside us to deliver IT solutions for our teachers to help them plan and implement their teaching, as well as for our students to help them get the most out of their learning time with us.

We set ourselves goals everyday…well almost everyday! That’s why we want teaching professionals who have real goals and want to realise them while helping others achieve theirs.


Oxford School Conegliano is a place where development is valued for all, and employees are encouraged to learn, build skills and continuously improve year-after-year. If you feel you can make a difference and you want to be part of our team in any capacity, then get in touch!


    After we receive your application, the following things happen:

    • We take a thorough look at the submitted CV and your motivation letter and decide if you meet the requirements for a position (out of respect we contact all applicants).
    • We contact you and schedule a chat to get to know you better. If you are local we will arrange an interview in our offices.
    • If you’re from Europe, a first Skype interview will take place at our school. If we take the application process further we will schedule a meeting in person with you to take place in our school.
    • If you’re from outside of Europe, we can have a longer chat over Skype.

    If we decide to hire you, you’ll receive an offer from us. Should you decide to accept it, you’ll become a fully fledged member of our team.

    During each stage of the recruitment process we will provide you with feedback. Even if at some stage we decide not to pursue cooperation, you will never be left asking why—we’ll never leave you in the dark.